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Saturday, 7:57 PM

From the Desk of Dr. Gwen

Dear Friends,

I felt a surge of ecstasy electrifying my body! I was completely excited. I had done it within two and a half weeks of completing my training, and I had the email to prove it: I was published on iTunes the very first go-around without expensive equipment and technical knowledge, just by applying a little known secret!

Yes, three years ago my first course email and my notification from iTunes were evidence of my triumph:

I know you may be wondering what all the excitement is about. I’ll share that in my story..

I’m Dr. Gwen and I'm an International Trainer, Author, Speaker and Coach

Three years ago I bought a podcast course for $997 from a guy who was making hundreds of thousands of dollars on his show. I only wanted to do occasional podcasting and at the time I was in a completely different industry. I understood the credibility that having a show could bring me and my business regardless , so I wanted to get started.

I had zero technical skills and I passionately hated to deal with the technical side of things. Quite frankly like you, I was also completely scared of getting my voice on air. I had all kinds of fears creep up on me: I didn’t know what to say; I was afraid I would run out of topics to talk about. I certainly had zero clue of how I was going to even begin. I was completely overwhelmed.

On top of that I’d heard horror stories of people having only one chance to get their show on iTunes and I didn’t want to mess my one chance up. I wanted to make sure that if that were true, that I would make it my very first time.

Searching around on Google had produced confusion and frustration. It was clear that the fragmented information scattered across the web was going to do me no good. The language on iTunes was a complete turn off and was too technical for my non-technical palate!

It all changed for me however, when I came a across this guy at a seminar I had attended. After listening to him talk about his tremendous successes, increased opportunities and credibility, and the income he was earning from his shows. I became excited.

I wasn’t interested in the income but I wanted to get my message out there. A message that had burned in my heart for helping others to get started. I wasn’t even clear about the message itself but I had faith it would all evolve. And though the business I was doing at the time was completely different than what I wanted to create with my show, I got started.


My training was 4 separate, live 45 to 60-minute webinars conducted over four weeks. I learned how to do podcasting and conducted my first interviews for my show. Within two and a half weeks of completing the course, I was live on iTunes. I was stoked.

I’ve been podcasting part time, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and start up entrepreneurs ever since. I continue to rake in the benefits of having a show not just for my current business but also for myself.

The credibility of having a show has provided numerous opportunities that I am quite certain would not have presented themselves otherwise.

Today my show brings value to women in dealing with all areas of their lives and I completely love providing value and living my passions.

With podcasting growing in popularity I began hearing more and more people complain wanting to get started but finding poor quality of content on the web and in the courses they bought.

I decided to use my skills as a teacher to create an incredibly valuable step-by-step system that’s clearly detailed and helps people just like you to produce your show and have it published on iTunes.  What kind of results do you imagine that will bring for you?

Would The Following Results Make A Difference For You?

  • Increased credibility allowing you to attract more clients and greater opportunities to boost your income?
  • A burgeoning number of raving clients actively seeking out you and your products, which reduces your marketing budget?
  • Increasing opportunities way beyond your speaking and writing circuits providing you solid partnerships that impact your business growth and success?
  • Far-reaching and evergreen impact in spreading your message to a vastly wide audience in over 155 countries?

Podcasting is becoming like radio and every commuter will soon have access via car internet. Imagine your voice coming through the airwaves making the difference you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine the audience you’ll rushing you for your message and products, and the lives changed as a result.

Imagine attracting increased credibility for you and your business while your income booms.

And Speaking of Income...

With no additional time other than what's required for your show, you can produce life-changing income. Sounds impossible? Don't believe me...

Here’s what others are saying about income they’ve made from leveraging their podcast shows.

Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Income Blog has parlayed his everyday-guy persona into a six-figure income supported heavily by podcasting.

Pat Flynn , The Smart Passive Income Blog

My podcast, Internet Business Mastery, has been the ranked the #1 podcast in the incredibly crowded and competitive categories of internet business and marketing since 2005 and has made over 2.2 million dollars.

Jeremy Frandsen, Internet Business Mastery podcast

You can do this too, and my system details for you how it can be done. Yes, imagine that you can get your podcast show up and published on iTunes within a week of completing my system, and you can also use your show to earn income for you as well.

If you’re jacked out of your mind by the sound of these possibilities then I think you’ll find Easy Steps to Producing Podcast Shows without Technical Knowledge and Publish on iTunes to be your solution. It’s effective, affordable and exciting!

There’s No Waiting For Coursework To Arrive, No Complicated Processes And No Expensive Hardware Or Software To Buy!

In Fact, For Less Than $50 In Equipment And Other Costs You Can Have Your Very First Shows Up And Ready Immediately After Completing The Step-by-Step Videos

The content is delivered on a very professional platform and I’ve even added additional bonuses that are worth the cost of the course alone.

It’s effective, affordable and very easy to do! And you’ll be delighted you got started.

When you have a podcast show, it’s like stepping onto live radio. It’s evergreen and continuously there so your listeners have access to your solutions on demand.

Easy Steps to Producing Podcast Shows without Technical Knowledge and Publish on iTunes is an online training program complete with step-by-step demonstrations in videos, audios and written content to help you successfully create your podcast shows in no time.

There’s no waiting for your course to arrive. Once you sign up you’ll have immediate access

When you sign up you get

  • 8 Videos
  • 8 Audios
  • An e-Book complete with screen shots of the processes
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Here’s an Overview of the Content

Module 1

  •      Benefits to you and your brand /business
  •      Important steps to take to have  a professional image
  •      Never run out of topics
  •      Resources to get you set

Module 2

In this module you get an overview tour of the iTunes site:

  •       Where to access iTunes for setting up your show
  •       Find your niche and maximize your reach
  •       Researching other podcasts shows

Module 3

  •     Affordable hardware with professional quality sound
  •     Free recording software for long distance interviews
  •     Formatting your recording --it's so simple!

Module 4

Step-by-step video showing:

  •     Working with the software for your editing
  •     Recording your show
  •     Editing your show in little to no time
  •     Labeling and cataloging the recordings
  •     Import your interviews and other files

Module 5

  •     The professional podcast cover art
  •     Quality announcing--attractive elements to include
  •     Your exclusive branding music
  •     Reeling in a product to be proud of

Module 6

Step-by-step videos:

  •     Hosting your recordings to attract your audience
  •     An overview of the hosting site
  •     Getting your publication out to the world
  •     Publishing on iTunes, a little  known secret
  •     Hosting your podcast on your very own website

Module 7—Bonus Module

  •     We discuss outsourcing
  • o When to outsource
  • o What to outsource
  • o Costs of outsourcing
  • o Websites to find for outsourcing
  • o Important considerations when outsourcing

Module 8—Bonus Module

  •     How to promote your show for subscribers
  •     How to advertise and getting traffic
  •     How to Leverage your podcast show
  •     Fundamentals of a basic sales funnel
  • An extra bonus on where to find unlimited interviewees or  JV partners to your show.

What makes this amazing course so valuable to you is that it'll help you increase business:

  • Sell more books, boost your speaking AND COACHING engagements and increase your client counts while seeing your profit margins soar
  • Be recognized as an expert leader in your field and blaze past your competition
  • Grow your subscriber base, build trust and increase your sales
  • Provide immediate value to your audience so they grow to know, like and trust you
  • Deliver tutorials related to your expertise and tell stories that engage your audience to build loyalty to your brand
  • Read your books, share exlusive content and create a series of topics for your audience to listen to
  • Offer paid subscriptions to value-added content to build residual income
  • Repurpose your podcast content to diversify your product base and increase sales

No more wading around in iTunes documentation on how to make an RSS feed. No more Google searches that leave you less sure than when you began.

Unfold my secret to having your show approved the very first time on iTunes

If you buy one training programme about podcasting, then let it be Easy Steps to Produce Podcast Shows without Technical Knowledge and Publish on ITunes. Using Dr. Gwen’s ‘one to one’ coaching, I carefully worked through all the required thought processes and plans to achieve my goals effectively and efficiently. The action plans at the end of each module were useful and set me up nicely for the next one. The clear step-by step training provided assumes no prior technical knowledge yet the modularity of it allows you to skip the areas you are already an expert in. Once I started on the course I felt compelled to finish and create my own podcast within a short period of time – a few days. I will be using her bonus material to create my website next.

Ameeta Davis
Writer and Coach of Clear Thinking
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When you access this course you also get additional content and training on understanding the sales funnel which means that you’ll now know how to leverage your shows to grow your client base at no additional cost to you

No other podcast course provides this information in this price range, and I didn’t get this detailed information paying $997 for my course!

What could you do with extra clients lining up to have your products or services just because you created value for them?

Your show is a source of free advertisement for you!

This means that you could redirect your advertising budget or scale up according to needs

At an incredible price of $97!! You must act now! Register NOW for immediate access to the course while it’s on your mind and get your show up and running so you're not left behind.

Now I know you may have concerns about some marketers out there promising to sell you courses that help, only to find the products didn’t deliver, leaving you empty handed or having to buy something else to make it work;

Or maybe you’re thinking that you can do your own search and compile the information scattered across the web; but that would be like rummaging through a sale rack trying to find exactly what you need only to come up with parts of it. Is that how you want to use your time?

Or perhaps you’re thinking that you won’t have the skills to do this and you have to hire out tech support to always do your work? 

Easy Steps to Producing Podcast Shows without Technical Knowledge and Publish on iTunes is a Video recorded step-by-step formula that will have you building your show as you work through the modules. You’ll be able to have your show up on iTunes upon completing your recordings

Still thinking about it?

If this course doesn’t deliver as I say, you have my guarantee!

That’s right! I’ll refund every penny if you’re not able to build your show from my instructions!

But Wait! There's Even More!

*Super Bonus Offer!!

As a bonus incentive, you get all of the following and a ridiculously low price just for ordering TODAY.

  • Free webinar recording on Landing pages: Understanding the Offer-Value-Offer process; you learn the difference between landing pages and web-forms and how to place the forms on your WordPress website and avoid high web designer fees $129
  • An e-book Advertising on Facebook: Increase your profits quickly with highly targeted Facebook Ads--$19
  • E-Book: Facebook for business: Increase your profits with expert Facebook marketing + Checklist $24
  • Free resources to step-by-step videos on how to install a completely modern mobile responsive website in a weekend
  • E-Book: Video Pro: How to use video marketing in your business to attract more prospects & sales $39


Results are based on individual performance. There are no income guarantees implied by by this offer.

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